We, at CCC Deliverance Ministry, continue to pursue excellence in providing you with the most effective ways to grow in your walk with Christ. We offer methods of personal deliverance for individuals who have not attended our seminar, while still providing the continuing process for Deliverance Seminar alumni. We want to assure you that we respect your privacy in this matter and provide complete confidentiality for all appointments.

Before you commit, we would like for you to understand that there are pre-requisites for all deliverance sessions. Please note that each request is saturated in prayer before an appointment is granted. We take this seriously and do not enter into this process of deliverance lightly. Each personal deliverance session is important to the ministry. If you would like to schedule an appointment for personal deliverance please click the button below, fill out and submit the form.


"I was convicted about a situation after hearing about the African-American & Occultism classes. I learned many things. I will go into a season of renouncing and repent until my family is free. I learned so much from the African-American & occultic classes that I can see why many things have happened to my family and I will pray until my family is free."

"My expectations about this seminar were not high enough. God’s timing as always was perfect. Every speaker touched me in some way."

"Fantastic, thorough, impassioned presentation. I love how each teacher carries the love and warrior heart of the Triune God."

"I experienced a lot of healing, freedom and joy! I am much more informed! I loved it! So glad I came!!"

"Absolutely fantastic! I am amazed at all that God has done in my life through the workshops and ministry. This teaching will allow me to walk in my calling in a better, more excellent way."

"As a result of these seminars I am more conscious of demonic activity in my life and now I can get deliverance. Praise God!!"

"What a blessing!! This was my first deliverance and it was AWESOME! I want all that God has for me and praise God that many demon spirits are now removed. I learned many new things I never even knew I needed deliverance from."

"If I didn’t know or ever doubted God’s true love for me, I know that I know from attending the Deliverance Seminar that Abba Father truly loves me and I am the apple of HIS eye! Hallelujah!!!! I am so honored by our Father to be here – so much love, joy, peace and wisdom! Thank you!!"

"I have been and will continue to be set free in the love and power of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord."

"The content was excellent – so missed out on in most churches. I’m so glad I came!"

"Very rewarding experience and I thank God for all of you. I look forward to the next seminar."

"I have had severe fibromyalgia and have not been able to consistently go to church because it would hurt to sit that long. Praise the Lord! I went through the whole seminar with little to no anxiety or hurting for all those hours and went to church Sunday."