A Young Adult Discipleship Program.

Young Adult



Transforming Lives

Through the Pursuit of His Glory

Always be prepared to give a defense to everyone who asks

you to give the reason for the hope that is in you. – 1 Peter 3:15


The Millennial and Gen Z generations are the first generations to be raised in a completely post-modern, post-Christian America. This had led to generations whose biblical literacy is at an all-time low, and who value feelings, relativism, pluralism and tolerance over sound Biblical instruction and values.


Therefore, now more than ever, young adults must be intentional to root and ground themselves in their faith. This is why we began IMPACT.


IMPACT is an opportunity to invest yourself in a community of disciples who pursue Jesus and His glory. As this happens, you discover God in greater ways than you’ve ever known, being transformed into His likeness, and thus discovering your identity in Him and gaining clarity on why you were created: to know Him and to make Him known. As your own life is transformed, you will become the vessel God uses to transform other lives as well – now impacting the world as one equipped and prepared. Thus setting the stage for God to move and bring revival to our broken and depraved world.


It is within this context of pursuing the Lord in community, that you receive instruction in the Word, theology, and apologetics to ground you in your faith. You also will have the opportunity to serve in the local church, our community, and in Guatemala.    

Primary Components of IMPACT

  • Discipleship Community
  • Academic Courses
  • Learning to serve in the local church
  • Ministry in our community, with evangelism training consistently occurring throughout IMPACT.
  • Mission trip to Guatemala, with a developing global perspective throughout IMPACT.

Weekly Schedule

  • Sunday morning service
  • Tuesday from 9:30-6:00 includes morning courses, corporate prayer meeting (12-2), and ministry to children in a lower income area.
  • Thursday from 9:30-5:30 includes morning and afternoon courses and community time.                                  *One Thursday a month we visit Operation Mobilization and visit with a missionary.

The initial Year One of IMPACT is a ten month commitment. You will then have the option of staying as a Year Two IMPACTER, given greater ministry responsibility in an area of your passion.


The cost for Year One of the program is $1500.00. This includes the cost of books. A $300 deposit is required at Orientation, and a financial plan can be established for the remaining balance.


The cost of Year Two of the program is $750.00. This includes the cost of books. A $200 deposit is required at Orientation, and a financial plan can be established for the remaining balance.


During the first year, an Associates Degree in Applied Theology is available through Logos University for an additional $1200.00. More information on this can be found in the “Courses Offered” link below.


Housing and food are not included in the cost of the program. CCC will be glad to help individuals locate housing, as well as assist in finding a job for the length of IMPACT.


August 28-29: Orientation

August 30: 1st Trimester Begins

December 1: 2nd Trimester Begins

March 9: 3rd Trimester Begins

May 29-June 7: Guatemala Mission Trip

June 13: Graduation Ceremony

*other dates can be found in the handbook