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Youth Mission & Vision

the word

The word of God is living and active and is the means by which we determine how to navigate this world. We aim to build upon the foundations of biblical truth that you have already built for your children. Our desire is to see them know and apply God’s word to their lives and to hunger for his word. In this culture in particular it is invaluable for them to have God’s word to guide them in truth. -Romans 12:2/ 2 Peter 3:17-18/ John 8:32


We have been saved by God’s grace and have been freed from the law. God desires obedience from us because he is always looking out for our best not because it is the measure for his love for us . He wants our hearts to desire to obey his will because we LOVE him. We want to encourage your children to not only know God’s word but to OBEY God’s word! Not because they must “follow the rules” or so that they “might not disappoint you or us” but because they are growing in their LOVE for the Lord! However, we know none of us do this perfectly so we hope to walk alongside your children as they sin and make mistakes, in order to encourage them, to sharpen them, and to see them grow in their walk with God. The Lord graciously uses our failures to grow us and teach us. – John 14:15/ Romans 1:5/ Romans 12:9-14,21

Building Disciples

We are told throughout scripture to be disciples of Jesus, followers of him, and also to build disciples in the context of the body of Christ. Our aim in youth ministry is to firstly, come alongside of your parenting efforts and encourage your children to be disciples of Jesus! Secondly, we want to teach them how to build disciples themselves as they grow to be leaders in the faith. Our philosophy of ministry is very much based in the context of relationship. We plan to love on your children and invite them into our lives as we grow and learn and mature ourselves in hopes that our time with them is an encouragement towards biblical truth and spiritual maturity as their affection for the Lord grows. We are not going to be an “entertainment based” model where we plan all these fun and culturally “hip” activities to try and “keep kids involved in church.” However, we do believe in building relationships and cultivating an atmosphere of friendship that is real and honest and deep… and we do plan to have fun doing that! 


Partnering with parents to cultivate an AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIP with Jesus! Growing up in the south it can often be culturally acceptable to be a “christian” and go to church. Basically going through the motions and saying/doing all the right things. However, it is our desire to highlight the differences in religion and relationship! We long to see each student know Jesus in the most intimate of relationships. To understand the message of the gospel that there is nothing they can or will do to earn his love but to understand the depths of his great love for them and his desire for intimacy in every part of the hearts. Research shows that masses of youth are leaving the church once they go to college. We strongly believe that being grounded in scripture and knowing God’s word paired with TRUE RELATIONSHIP is the key to seeing youth who continue to faithfully serve and love Jesus as they leave their parents’ houses and begin their journey to adulthood.


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